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Our Story

  Established in 2017, Bones & Things offers a variety of art, fashioned from skulls, bones, horn and other natural materials. Ranging from traditional scrimshaw to new technics and styles, we offer a beautiful selection of handcrafted works. Our deep appreciation for nature has led us to a love of art made from these natural and sustainable materials.

 Our carved skulls come from a small Balinese village in Indonesia, which has been specializing in this craft, passing the tradition down the generations for hundreds of years. After spending some years in Indonesia, we have formed relationships directly with the families and artists who have mastered this ancient craft and are delighted to bring their craft directly to you. Keeping with the Balinese tradition of using as much of the animal as possible, all our products are made with discarded parts of the animal that would otherwise go unused. 

  Bones & Things was founded as a small traveling shop, now available to you virtually, maintaining the same attentive, personal, customer care, happy to answer your questions, take custom orders and bring this unique art form to your home and business.  


All our bones are cleaned, sanitized and treated in accordance with modern taxidermy practices and standards.

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