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Horn carving -Eagle catching snake

Horn carving -Eagle catching snake





    This item includes/does not include display stand

    General description


     Whether it’s hanging in your living room or office wall, resting on a table or displayed by the fireplace, this unique and exquisite art is one your guests and co-workers are sure to comment on. 



     Each piece is one of a kind creation made by hand, so no two are exactly alike. Our carved skulls, bones and horns come from a small Balinese village in Indonesia, Which has been specializing in this craft, passing the tradition down the generations for hundreds of years.


     Keeping with the Balinese tradition of using as much of the animal as possible, all our products are made with discarded parts of the animal that would otherwise go unused. All our bones are cleaned sanitized and treated in accordance with modern taxidermy practices and standards.



     Each piece in our collection was individually selected in person at the craftsman workshop, ensuring each piece is unique and of high quality. If anything you’ve ordered has arrived damaged please let us know right away and we will replace it promptly.

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